Analyze your company?


It is a Tool to work goal oriented and adapted to your specific company when planning acts of competency development.



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GSC-analysis a tool for competency development planning on a strategic level

How does it work ?

The investement in a GSC-analysis is € 800 and a couple of hours of your time. In exchange you get an analysis based in your company realities to help you work goal oriented and in line with your company intentions in planning for competency development of your staff.


No more confusion and hasty decisions in choosing how to invest your competency development fundings. Instead your decision making is based in knowledge of what means and methods you want. You become stronger in formulating grounds for offering you services and be clear on what you need interventions to meet.


Going through the analysis is a few steps. We start with an interview followed up by a written report and a virtual feed back call whith room for your questions and to reflect on how to use the analysis in your work.


Contact us to get in touch with an analyst in your area.


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