Become a licensed analyst

GSC-analysis a tool for competency development planning on a strategic level

What if I want to be a licensed analyst ?

To become a licensed user of the GSC and be able to perform the analysis you attend a training program with us to learn using the tool. During training we teach you about the components of the analysis and give the keys to work with it.


As a licensed user you have unlimited acces to the analysis tool. You will also have access to support and continuing learning, news and updates.You are as licensed user part of our network of licensed analysts and will be recommended when companies search an analyst in your area.


Basic training is given online in virtual seminars. Preceding the training you get material to introduce yourself to the material and prepare your learning.. The training module is then a half day seminar followed by support webinars/teleclasses and a few weeks later you have an individual feed back call with your trainer as you have had the time to perform some analyses on your own.


The cost of you license is including first year training € 800.


Optional yearly renewal of your license is then €20 euros/year. All prices VAT excluded.


To renew your license you need to show proof of active usage of the tool for at least five times annually. This is a minimum demand set to ensure you and your customers that your skills in using the tools are not aging. We want to make sure that the analyst we recommend carry an updated and living knowledge in performing the analysis.




Interested but want to know more?

Attend one of our free information Webinars.


Are you a coach, consultant or trainer and want to know more about the tool GSC-analysis and how to fit it into your business?


In our information webinars you get to know more about the GSC-analysis and how to become a licensed user. The webinars are held by Lena Gustafsson who created the analysis and during the session she makes plenty of room for questions and answers.


E-mail us on info[at] to get information on upcoming dates.





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Basic training seminars




2019-02-15 - Introduction training to become a licensed GSC-analyst ( in English)


2019-04-24 - Bli licensierad GSC-analysanvändare ( in Swedish)


2019-06-17 - Introduction training to become a licensed GSC-analyst ( in English)


2019-09-13 - Bli licensierad GSC-analysanvändare ( in Swedish)


2019-12-13 - Introduction training to become a licensed GSC-analyst ( in English)








It is a Tool to work goal oriented and adapted to your specific company when planning acts of competency development.



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