It is a Tool to work goal oriented and adapted to your specific company when planning acts of competency development.



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GSC-analysis a tool for competency development planning on a strategic level

Developing the GSC-analysis

The GSC-analysis was developed by Lena Gustafsson, master of social sciences majoring in psychology, experienced business consultant, coach and educator running the Swedish consultancy company Guldkanten.


When meeting and working with company leaders and staff managers she learned that deciding on type of competency development was an often re-occuring problem. There was a lot of knowledge on the importance of training and developing employees. There is also a wide market of different options to do this, spreading from traditional classes, via mentoring, trainee programs and coaching.


Deciding which would be the best offers was often done based on own experiences and preferences or on the selling skills of the training company offering its services. Not strategically based knowledge.


Being a professional coach and accustomed to work with goal targeting Lena identifyed the need for a tool to help employers identify what kind of ventures would be the closest match to what the company needed considering the present circumstances, the challenges ahead and the goals set for the Company as a whole.


Developing and training staff should be part of aiming at the chosen target. The GSC-analysis was developed to help identify the type of competency development to look for on a strategic level. Matching goals and challenges specifyed along with resources avalilable and life span of the company Lena was able to create an accesible tool to specify the traits of training useful for the particular company at the specific time.


Lena is now still developing the tool, fine tuning it even more. To make it accesible around the globe she also trains new users who become licensed analysts able to perform the GSC on companys around them. Find your closest one here.



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